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Hopefully now you’ve discovered a bit more about me, seen and loved my style, you have decided that I am your photographer, so thank you! Let me tell you what I offer and how I operate with my lifestyle horse photo sessions.

I like to keep this simple and very transparent so you always know exactly what the cost will be up front or long term. I know that no-one likes hidden surprises…

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Session Fee £125

  • This is a non refundable booking fee and covers the cost for me to photograph you and your horse.  It also covers the resulting editing time. It does not include the supply of any photography products, these are in addition to the session fee.
  • Mileage costs are charged after the first 25miles.  This is due at the time of booking too and are charged at 25p per mile.

Once you have had your session and you’ve seen your images, you may choose to purchase either of the product ‘Collections’ listed below within the flip boxes below. If you decide not to purchase any products after your session that is completely your choice. You are not obliged to buy any products.

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A beautifully crafted oak presentation box, styled as a book, containing all of your images printed as 6” x 4” photographs.  You will also receive all of your images as digital files that can be printed directly how you choose.

Collection Cost £250.00



A truly delightful hardback album containing 30 of your favourite images from the shoot, housed in a sumptuous presentation box.  Perfect personal memories for coffee table moments.

Collection Cost £175.00



Your favourite 3 images supplied as 10” x 8” mounted prints, ready for you to frame.

Collection Cost £75.00 

What you can expect…

    • My time on site with you for around 60-90 minutes.
    • An individually tailored session for you and your horse.
    • The option for you have an outfit change or two.
    • A full shoot should produce around 80-100 final images.
    • All fully edited images in my soft, muted style, published on a password protected online gallery.
    • A Client Story article shared on this website and on social media platforms.

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Looking for more?

There are lots of fabulous individual products you might choose to invest in if you’d like something in addition to the Collections themselves…

    • Canvases – Always a popular way to display a few key images from your shoot.  Available in a classic style which simply lets the image speak for itself, or in a more dramatic style that delivers a creative finish too.
    • Large Format Prints – Produced on Fine Art photographic paper for a superior finish that will stand the test of time.  Supplied ready for you to mount & frame how you choose and available in a number of sizes.
    • Digital Files – Ready for you to print (up to 12″ x 8″) and just perfect for showing family and friends through social media.

All of these you can proudly hang on your walls or flick through and admire for years to come…… and isn’t that just the whole reason for creating these fabulous photos in the first place?

Rachel x

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m sure you’ve got some questions and I’d be delighted to speak directly to you about them, so please do contact me at your leisure.  I’ve created an overall blog on some of them here 5 Common Questions, however I’ve dropped in few of my most frequently asked questions below too.

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Can I book in advance?

Yes, of course.  If you have a specific time of year that you love the most, or a special date you’d like to celebrate, then let me know about it and I’ll endeavour to get you in then.  However please be aware that certain months are always in high demand and often require quite a few months notice to secure.

My Yard isn’t the prettiest.

Well let’s be honest I reckon the vast majority of us horse owners don’t keep our horses in a stunning set of stables with post and rail paddocks, but please do not worry about this.  There’s always a spot or two at your yard I can work with, you’ll be so surprised.  We have the ability to head to your favourite hack location too.   Our countryside is full of fabulous backdrops.

What should do to get my horse ready?

Let’s have a really clean horse ready for when I arrive. So groomed/bathed and shiny and neatly turned out.  Don’t forget to oil those hooves too.  You don’t need to plait if you don’t want to as ideally your photos should reflect your lifestyle with your horse, but if he spends a lot of his time plaited for competition or you really want some fabulous turnout pictures then plaits are great.  We need a good clean head collar (preferably leather) in a plain colour and his tack clean too.   If you want the best from your horse, including tips on how to keep him settled and happy, then I really recommend a read of this blog of mine here:  Happy Horses create Happy Photos .

What can I wear?

Oh gosh, I get this a lot and it’s always one of the first things I think about myself on special occasions like this.  My honest answer is wear something you are comfortable in but I’d recommend that you consider things that you wouldn’t normally wear around your horse.  If all your pictures of you together currently have you in plain riding gear or competition gear then go for something else!  Clients generally love to wear good fitting jeans/trousers with a nice pair of leisure boots or shoes.  If you team this with a nice shirt, maybe a shawl or cardigan then this is a great basis to work from.   Dresses are popular if you want more of a relaxed feel and I always think maxi dresses always look fab.  I’d always suggest steering away from big bold patterns just because they can draw the eye within the photo at times and distract from the overall picture.  We can discuss specifics at any point.

Can I have more than one horse in my session?

You definitely can!  The only stipulation is it is only one handler/rider per session.  So if you own 2 or 3 horses then this is no problem.  However if you want your sister or mother in with her horse too, then I’m afraid those are separate sessions, but we can discuss this in advance and tailor multiple sessions together and I’m happy to work out better session fee in these circumstances too.

Can I include my dog in my equine photoshoot?

Sure, we can have your dog feature in a few pictures with your horse, no problem!  Please be aware that if you’d like more dedicated images of your dog then my canine specific portrait sessions are available at just £50 for the session, so we can always simply add this session to the end of your Equine photoshoot.

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