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Are you looking for beautiful photos of your Horse or Dog?

Then you’ve come to the perfect starting place!  Welcome to Sweet-Images Photography. My name is Rachel Bragg.  I’m an horse & dog photographer based in heart of the beautiful West Country.  I regularly travel all over the UK to see my clients though, so please don’t worry about my location too much!

What I can do for you

We all love our animals, don’t we?  It seems like there’s not one of us that doesn’t have a phone full of photos of them.  I include myself in that.  However, some time ago I realised that I didn’t have any special photos of the most wonderful horse I’d ever owned. She was a young piebald coloured mare who had been mine from birth who did great things in a very short time for me.  I had pictures of her in the show ring being handled by the Pro team that produced her for me, but very few of ‘us’.  I just always thought that there would be plenty of time for photos as she had her whole life ahead of her.

Except she didn’t. Sadly I lost her at just 5 to cancer and the only photos I have of her rarely featured us together.

I really felt I’d missed out on something huge, something IRREPLACEABLE.

The powerful relationship I shared with this horse is the main inspiration behind Sweet-Images Photography. I want every horse, or dog owner, to have the chance of photos of those special animals in their lives.  To give them the pictures they can see and look at daily on their walls and remember those times with huge, happy feelings.

Today each commission is different, because every horse, dog and owner is different.  I love to make these photography sessions a very relaxed but personal experience.  Nothing stiff and starchy about how I work with you or your horse or dog to achieve my aim – which is simply to highlight the magic in your relationship through story telling, photographically.

I work only in natural light and as you wander through my website or this page you’ll discover that my images generally have a matte, soft feel to them.  I really LOVE this peaceful look.  To me they just feel more honest and quiet.

I’m based in heart of the BEAUTIFUL West Country in Somerset. However I regularly travel all over the UK for clients. Often I plan specific road trips with locations I can invite and involve you in too.  If you are ready to have the most incredible experience and to make sure you’ll never be without those natural, heartwarming photos of you and your equine or canine best friend then I would be delighted to work with you.

To find out about the range of photography sessions I have today then please do pop up to the menu above and select Horse Photography or Dog Photographyfor more details.

Have a fabulous week!

Rachel x

My World


So you’ve discovered what I can offer you, you may well be wanting to know a bit more about me.  Well, I’ve owned or ridden horses and had dogs for most of my life.  I competed in affiliated showjumping as a junior and wasn’t too bad really, all thanks to some pretty cool ponies back then!  Since those days I’ve mostly owned show horses or young stock so not a huge amount of riding.  Today my horse Dudley, is lovely chestnut & white hunter type and he features in my blog series ‘Back in the Saddle’ in the Life Rambles section of My Journal.  My other half, Tony, is a Master Saddler and rides too. We have a lovely small Lurcher called Stitch and from her we have her daughter, Lily.

Away from the camera, my world is rather light-hearted but professional & organised. Taking a closer look here are some things you might find interesting or things about me…

♥ Want a list? I’ve got one already… possibly two or three!
♥ I’ve lived in many places but home is firmly Somerset now.
♥ I love to create flat lay images. It’s photographical side I love and enjoy teaching others too.
♥ I’m a sucker for a coloured sports horse & I’ve owned a few over the years.
♥ Toast crumbs in butter or butter blobs in jam pots are WRONG!
♥ I once had a lock of hair from the 1983 Derby winner Teenoso, until my brother flushed it down the loo!
♥ You’re never too old for Jelly Tots or Jelly Babies. Ever…
♥ The path will probably twist & turn, but it’s your path, no-one else can tread it.

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Somerset based Equine Photographer Rachel Bragg of Sweet-Images Photography
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