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Never be without…


Welcome to Sweet-Images Photography…  My name is Rachel Bragg, I’m an equine photographer providing fabulous horse lovers like you with beautiful images of their equine best friends to treasure forever.

We all love our horses, don’t we?  Seems like there’s not one of us that doesn’t have a phone full of pictures of them, which is great! However a number of years ago I realised that I really didn’t have any special pictures of the most wonderful horse I’d ever owned, a young coloured mare who had been mine from birth. I always thought we’d have time for those momentous photos of us together to be gathered. Sadly I lost her at just 5 and the only photos I have of her rarely featured us together.

This I found really difficult to contend with, as the relationship we developed deserved to be reflected in images I could proudly display on the walls of my home.  In short I missed out.

Today, this is exactly how I can help you. The incredible and powerful relationship I shared with this one horse is the inspiration behind the direction of Sweet-Images Photography. Through a relaxed personal equine photo shoot with me, I’m able to provide you those photographs that really show the true relationship you share with your horse.

As you wander through my site you’ll discover that my images generally have a soft film like feel to them. I just love the atmospheric feel that this style creates. To me they just speak in a more natural way too.

I’m based in heart of the beautiful West Country in Somerset, however I regularly travel all over the UK. Often I plan specific road trips with locations I can invite and involve you in too.  You can discover more about me, the photographer, in my Bio page above.  Here you’ll find out what makes me laugh or makes my heart sing…

If you are ready to make sure you’ll never be without those perfect photos of you and your equine best friend then I would be delighted to work with you.

Have a fabulous week!

Rachel x

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Equine Lifestyle Photographer

First of all it looks like you’ve decided that you’d really quite like to have an equine photo shoot.

Fabulous!  Hopefully this also means you’ve now decided that I am your photographer, thank you!  So let me tell you what I offer and how I operate

I like to keep this simple and very transparent so you always know exactly what the cost will be up front or long term. No one likes hidden surprises, they can be like discovering your favourite ice-cream tub at the back of the freezer, letting out a small happy cry of joy, but then discovering it’s near empty, maybe a spoonful left…(who does that?!).

Each Collection is detailed individually below on the flip boxes…



A beautifully crafted oak presentation box containing all of your images printed as 6” x 4” photographs and also included on a USB as digital files for you to keep or print.

Total Cost: £100 Session Fee

+ £195 Photo Collection



A beautifully created hardback album containing 30 of your favourite images from the shoot.  Perfect memories for coffee table moments.

Total Cost: £100 Session Fee

+ £150 Photo Collection



A shorter mini session with your favourite 10 images supplied as high resolution digital images ready for you to print how you choose. These sessions are perfect for Yard Mini sessions too.

Complete Cost £150*

What you can expect…

  • My time on site with you for around 90 minutes for a full shoot, or 30-45 minutes for the mini shoot.  
  • An individually tailored session for you and your horse.
  • The option for you have an outfit change or two (full shoots only).
  • A full shoot should produce around 80-100 final images, a mini shoot will be around 40-50 images.
  • All fully edited images in my soft & matte style, published on a password protected online gallery.
  • Each full shoot comes with your favourite images supplied as beautiful Fine Art board mounted 10″ x 8″ print.
  • A Client Story article shared on this website and on social media platforms.  

Please be aware of the following…

The Oak and Seedling Collections have a non refundable Booking Fee of £100.  The remaining cost is due before any products are supplied. If you decide not to take any products after your shoot, you do not need to make any additional payment.  The Acorn Collection is a mini shoot with free digital files. Payment for this particular Collection is made in full before your shoot.  Mileage is free for the first 25 miles, then chargeable at 25p a mile thereafter and will be added to your invoice.

Looking for more?

There are lots of fabulous individual products you might choose to invest in if you’d like something in addition to the Collections themselves…

Bespoke Photo Books – A truly fabulous way to keep these special moments all together.  You’ll want to go through this one time and time again.  Available in a range of sizes, from pocket through to a stunning coffee table talking piece.
Canvases – Always a popular way to display a few key images from your shoot.  Available in a classic style which simply lets the image speak for itself, or in a more dramatic style that delivers a creative finish too.
Large Format Prints – Produced on Fine Art photographic paper for a superior finish that will stand the test of time.  Supplied ready for you to mount & frame how you choose and available in a number of sizes.

All of these you can proudly hang on your walls or flick through and admire for years to come…

…and isn’t that just the whole reason for creating these fabulous photos in the first place?

Rachel x

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Why not take the pressure off of gift hunting for the horse lover in your life with Gift Vouchers from Sweet-Images Photography.

Vouchers are often seen as a distinctly impersonal present for someone.  I disagree though!  With a voucher from Sweet-Images Photography you’ve discovered a thoughtful and highly personal way to say I Love You, Happy Birthday, Good Luck, Merry Christmas and more…

You’ll receive a fabulously packaged gift voucher, with some extra hidden goodies, all of which makes the experience of unwrapping your gift a total delight and they can celebrate the start of their photo shoot adventure!

Your gift voucher (which can be tailored to suit your needs) can then be redeemed at a time to suit the lucky horse lover in your life and ultimately they’ll end up with bespoke images from their personal photo shoot that they can treasure for years to come.

So much nicer than a last minute High Street Voucher or that Jumper that they’ll never probably wear and perfect for creating goosebumps moments!

Moving Up Sessions

There comes a time in every pony mad child’s life when things inevitably change.

It really doesn’t matter how brilliant the relationship is between child and pony, how much fun they’ve had, how successful they have been in the competition arena or even how much they love them, it just changes.   Those legs that once were a perfect length for the pony’s side are now just too long…

Saying goodbye at these times can be really tricky.  OK, so maybe it’s never as bad as a tragic goodbye, but try telling that to sobbing 12 year old who has outgrown their beloved equine best friend and who really doesn’t want to hand the lead rope over to an eager 9 year old waiting in the wings!

Making these moments as easy as possible is the key, so what better way to do so than to create a final storyboard of photos of them together with one of my Moving Up photo shoot sessions.  Time for some magical times together and build a memory bank they can go back to an enjoy whenever they like.

Rachel x

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Evergreen Sessions

Sadly there are moments in our lives when we realise time is limited with our equine best friends. Whether this is as a result of natural ageing or more difficult circumstances, we all want to be reminded of just how important these relationships have been to us.

Therefore I also offer Evergreen photo sessions for difficult times like these.  From my own experiences with loss, you’ll certainly not want to be without comforting and ageless photographs to help preserve your own memories of times together.  Due to the nature of these moments I endeavour to be available at short notice.

Finally, while the same Collections are available for the Evergreen sessions, please do contact me for reduced pricing information.

Rachel x

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Reviews From My Lovely Clients

There is nothing better for me as an equine portrait photographer than hear that a client loves their images, it means I’ve done my job well. Below are just a few of the lovely comments clients have said after receiving their images.

Testimony for Sweet-Images Photography, Equine Portrait Photographer Somerset
Equine Portrait Shoot Testimony for Sw
Horse Photography Testimonial for Sweet-Images Photography
Equine Portrait Shoot Testimony for Sweet-Images Photography
Equine Portrait Shoot Testimony for Sw
Testimony for Sweet-Images Photography, Equine Photographer
Equine Portrait Shoot Testimony for Sw
Equine Portrait Shoot Testimony for Sw
Equine Portrait Shoot Testimony for Sw
Equine Portrait Shoot Testimony for Sw
Equine Portrait Shoot Testimony for Sw
Equine Portrait Shoot Testimony for Sw

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