In the Spring of 2013 Sweet-Images Photography was born.  Initially my role as an equine photographer as you all know was within the events sector as a freelancer and then in more recent times as an equine portrait and commercial photographer.  Today in 2018 after an immensely changing past 12 months for me both personally and professionally I’m relaunching… and relaunching with a couple of really great deals that could really work for you!

As I’ve developed as a photographer and my interested branched into other equine photographer I began to realise that the branding I had in place didn’t feel personal enough to me.  It felt a little bland and a little too predictable for my industry.  A logo that I once thought was right now felt generic and off the shelf, even though it was created for me.  I also felt over the years that there were just so many variations to this theme of an eye or iris depicted as the shutter of a camera…

I was explaining the process of re-branding to a good friend, someone else with a small business, and was asked why I was bothering and “Surely it’s all just a gimmick designed to create attention”.  Why would you go to that trouble and expense, particularly in this very visual modern world.  We aren’t just talking about a change of letterhead.

Which, to be fair is a fair question.  We’ve all seen from time to time some pretty hefty global brands tweak their logo only to not really understand why they’ve done it and to question the cost to do it all?

Well for me it coincided with a fresh new lease of life and personal direction I find myself in.  Which is fabulously exciting.  So it has been the perfect opportunity to bring more of my own personality and beliefs to my branding and take the opportunity to shake off that ‘vanilla’ aspect to my logo that I really wasn’t comfortable with anymore.  I wanted to create something I could directly relate to, both personally and professionally, something that would be a part of my continued journey and make sense tomorrow as much as today.  I’m retaining some aspects of the old branding such as the fonts and the colour scheme is essentially the same as before with just small tweaks, there is one huge, and very visual, clear change…

For a long time now I’ve been aware of the saying ‘Mighty oaks from small acorns grow’. For a small business like me it really resonates. The message reminds me that even the biggest of companies started as just a seed of an idea. Last year after coming across a mug from the gorgeous British creamware company Doris & Co  that featured an acorn and a version of the original motto I knew I’d found my inspiration.  Since then the morning brew has been in this favourite mug of mine (you really need to check out Doris, they’ve got some amazing products with perfect motto’s attached) and I take the motivation from the meaning into the office and beyond each day.  So, unsurprisingly, the the new branding has the acorn as a central theme.



To launch the new brand, today on my own birthday, I’m offering TWO limited exclusive discounts…


Option 1: The first 5 people to purchase the full Oak Collection, they will receive a £25 discount off the collection AND a £20 voucher they can put towards any additional print items they may want. Finally a surprise gift will be included in the package too!

Option 2: The first 10 people to purchase either an Acorn Collection will receive a 10% discount off the package price and also a £20 voucher to use on post shoot print products.


I hope you love the new logo and branding tweaks as much as I do and that one of these discounts is just what you make that step towards creating wonderful images of you and your horse together.  You can get in touch with me today via the ‘Contact Me’ tab at the top of the page, or directly here


Oh and one last thing, remember this… Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s acorn that held its ground’… ;D

Have a fabulous week!

Rachel x


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