An Equine Photo Shoot for Dulcie & Stella

//An Equine Photo Shoot for Dulcie & Stella

18th Birthday’s are celebrated in a variety of ways, whether thats the Big Day itself or the run up to it.  When Sarah got in touch with me a few weeks ago about an equine photo shoot as a gift for her daughter Dulcie’s own 18th I was honoured to play a part in marking this milestone birthday.

The afternoon I met Sarah and Dulcie was thankfully dry, the weather in the days running up to this particular shoot had been somewhat dicey and even on the drive over to their yard I was, I have to say, a bit sceptical that another drenching wasn’t heading our way.  At least the wind had dropped for once.  The wind has been a real feature of shoots lately so I was thankful it was slight and prayed that the bright patch in the sky I could see was going to play fair with us and stick around for an hour or so…

Down a very quiet lane in Somerset I came across home to Sarah and Dulcie’s two grey ponies, Jazz and Stella.  I say grey, because Jazz in her younger days was very much a roany/brown colour.  In fact Sarah described the colour as Donkey brown and seeing images of Jazz (now 7 years old) a very different colour as a 3 year old was bizarre – but here she stood in front of me grey, with lovely dapples, a few flecks of brown through her mane and tail and the odd flea bitten type markings too.  Jazz is really Sarah’s pony but she was to be included in some of the pictures with Dulcie, along with her younger brother Riley and his two fab Jack Russell x Poodles dogs.  A big year deserves documenting properly and I was only too happy to help.

Everyone remembers the year they were 18.  It seems such an incredible step, for me I just had this strange sensation of freedom even though not much had actually changed physically!  You generally remember the songs in charts from that year, your first official drink out with mates and there’s a ton of great nights along the way.  However in Dulcie’s case she might be forgiven if in the future one of the first things she remembers with her 18th year is the unfortunate car accident that left her in hospital for a while and a knee injury that’s kept her out of the saddle since.    However for her photoshoot she was determined to be reunited with her lovely pony and get back on board for a few pictures if possible.

Stella is 22 but I’m telling you there’s no sign of age in this one!  Believed to be a Welsh x Connemara, this little mare is adorable, has a really sweet nature and it’s clear that Dulcie only really has eyes for her.  They’ve done a bit of everything and hopefully once her knee is fully recovered Dulcie and Stella will get to do some more together.

Along came Riley.

Well those 2 little dogs nearly stole the show at one point.  Archie, the black and white chap seems to me to be the perfect little dog for hacking.  He merrily followed the ponies up the lane and had a real swagger to his gait too.  Then there was Bilbo Baggins, the 13 week old puppy…. too flipping cute for his own good.  I get the feeling that when he’s let loose fully on the world with his ‘brother’ Archie then all hell could break out but he’d be forgiven for anything!!   Group photos with multiple ponies and dogs are often hilarious.  The complications of getting every one in the right place at the right time and all looking happy and relaxed are huge at times.  Sometimes it just happens, other times not so, but it’s always great fun to bring all the elements together when you can.

As the last of the evening light dropped behind the hedge I made my farewells.  Thank you to Sarah for the booking and welcoming me into their lives for an hour or so. Also to Dulcie and Riley for being great models and getting involved.


Have a fabulous day!

Rachel x


If you’d like your own personal equine photo shoot, then please do contact me here to chat about your options more…






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