Summer & Boysie

//Summer & Boysie

On the edge of Dartmoor lives a lively, but willing, little palomino Welsh Section B chap called Boysie. He’s just 7 years old but he’s already making a name for himself in the show ring, under the guidance of his owner and rider – Summer.

I’ve been itching to meet Boysie & Summer for a while now, I’d seen their results together thanks to the power of Instagram and was super thrilled when they won a competition with me. Now I’d get to see this budding relationship in the flesh, and have a scratch or two of his handsome little head!

Boysie came to Summer and her mum, Lea-Anne, just a couple of years ago as a freshly started pony. Over the last 2 years they’ve tried their hand at many disciplines but in showing have found their love together. It’s been a bit of a rocky ride at times for the 3 of them as he’s certainly got lots of character that’s ensured that Summer needs to be fully alert at all times, but when he relaxes this little chap has so much expression.

You just know that as this chap develops and they hone their ring skills together, they have the chance to really shine.

I love the relationship this pair have got, you can really tell they’ve grown up together having a load of fun along the way. He’s proper cheeky at times but you can see that despite the occasion frustration, Summer forgives him for everything!

There’s a huge amount of love aimed at this chap and I can totally see why.

Of course, as Summer grows she knows her time in the ring with him may well be limited, but with a new member of the family due to arrive later this year, there’s no way that Boysie will be leaving!

He’s got a home for life and a lot more ribbons to claim along the way.

Rachel x


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