Eleanor & Bailey

//Eleanor & Bailey

Travelling to Buckinghamshire always brings back great memories of my own, there’s some lovely scenery around this county and my destination, near Aylesbury, certainly has some fab views!

On a very sunny afternoon, I met a gorgeous young grey Welsh chap called Bailey and his lovely Scottish little owner Eleanor. They’ve only been together for a few months and they are very much finding their feet together. Today they were having a mini shoot together with me.

Scrubbed to within an inch, Bailey’s bright white coat was dazzling, someone’s skills at shampooing are rather good – eh, mum?! Eleanor was excited and keen to get on with things…

We headed down to a great little shady spot I know well, a place where the yard owners have developed a wonderful grass canter track. Bailey took it all in his stride with Eleanor there to guide him and didn’t once worry when a herd of bolshy youngsters came thundering to greet us at the edge of their field – now if that’s not a perfect First Ridden pony in the making I don’t know what is!

One of the lovely visual aspects to a shoot at this time of year can be the gorgeous white blooms that even, what you might believe are the blandest of hedgerows can offer as a backdrop, they just erupt into life in May. I love them! As we moved about the farm and fields we chatted and I learned from Eleanor and her mum Aileen, that their intention at this stage is just to have some fun in life. “He might not be totally suited to the demands of a show ring for some,” said Aileen, “but that really doesn’t matter, it’s about enjoyment and no pressure”.


What a perfect outlook to have at this tender young age, don’t you think?

As our time together progressed Eleanor started to relax and her natural smile started to shine through. Bailey never faltered and didn’t question what was going on with his little master. He posed, he stood rock steady and Eleanor couldn’t keep her hands off him. Together they enjoyed the buttercups (Bailey especially ;0 ) and sunshine – who wouldn’t.

I’d say that there’s a pretty lovely relationship starting to bloom here, it’s clear that Bailey is a cutie and what girl isn’t a sucker for a cute pony!

Rachel x


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