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#MyHackathon – My Favourite Hacks Pt 6

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In Part 6 of My Favourite Hack mini series I'm catching up with the lady behind the hugely successful online dressage competition series - Dressage Anywhere.  For those of you that aren't aware of Dressage Anywhere is the only Online Dressage competition thats run in co-operation with British Dressage.   The process is so simple as you film [...]

#MyHackathon – My Favourite Hacks Pt 4

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Welcome to Part 4 of the mini series featuring some favourite hacks of horsey people around me.  I'm hosting this series to connect with Brooke's 2018 running of their hugely successful fundraising campaign #MyHackathon which I've been honoured to work on with them photographically.  A super simple process where you ride 100 miles in 100 days and raise £100 for the [...]

#MyHackathon – My Favourite Hacks Pt 3

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It's Part 3 of the 'Favourite Hack's mini blog series, a series of quick fire questions posed at friends, clients, established or aspiring competitive riders relating to their favourite hack destinations.  The series is being run in celebration of the campaign by the Brooke and their #MyHackathon campaign.  If you aren't aware of this fantastic fundraiser then head [...]

#MyHackathon – My Favourite Hacks Pt 2

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In Part 2 of my 'Favourite Hacks' mini series that ties in with the #MyHackathon campaign from Brooke  (have you signed up!?) we are moving along the country a little from the dramatic backdrops of Cornwall where we left Tina Wallace and Banksy from LIFEOTLR to beautiful Devon.  A county with coastlines on to the north and [...]

#MyHackathon – My Favourite Hacks Pt 1

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With the Brooke #MyHackathon launched and under way I'm really hoping that many of you decide to take part, either on your own or with your fellow yard friends.  If you can't directly take part this year you could still help by pledging directly to Brooke or through friends taking part in this seriously worthy cause.   During the campaign [...]

#MyHackathon with Brooke

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I've recently been privileged to work on a number of shoots as part of the #MyHackathon fundraising campaign from international animal welfare charity -  Brooke.  The campaign is now back and live for 2018!   It's a really simple concept… Ride 100 miles in 100 days and raise £100 for #MyHackathon and help working horses, donkeys and mules [...]