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Connecting with your Customers Visually.
When you need to deliver a message about your business, or product, swiftly then photography does the job in the quickest way.  Potential clients are highly likely to make a snap decision about your business based purely on the images you use on your website or social media platforms.

When customers fail to make a visual or emotional connection with the featured images the probability is they will lose interest and move on – with the risk that they will completely overlook the best product or service relevant to them – all down to the strength or weakness of a photograph.

Yes, you could resolve this quickly with stock images purchased from anywhere, but will they reflect your business?

The answer simply is no, so don’t let this happen to you as it’s so easy to fix.

What I can do for YOUR business.
Working closely with you I can create social content for your business, focussing on the elements that will tempt, intrigue, and engage your potential customers. We can produce photos for you to use in all aspects of your business – from your own web page to the social media platforms with which you want to interact – with many months’ worth of material to draw from.

If this sounds exactly what you’ve been looking for then let me tell you about an added bonus before you get in touch – I can also give you the tools to enable your clients to engage with you further. Whether you need images for a specific campaign or generic relevant pictures you can add to your image library, then I can hopefully step in and relieve a lot of the stress from the situation.

I can help add value to your brand and business by creating experience enhancing images.

We’ll discuss the visual aims for your images and discover whether you require them to be created in a ‘flat lay’ style –a really engaging way of creating attractive content that is attention grabbing in a very subtle way, and a photography style I just love to work with – or maybe use imagery stylised within a ‘lifestyle’ environment.  Either way we will ensure everything complements your branding.

I offer 3 very simple packages, so take a look at the flip boxes below.



2-3 hours on site
Images sold separately – you pick exactly the images you’d like.

Package Cost £125.00 + Mileage



2-3 hours on site
50 images included (additional images available)

Package Cost £350.00 + Mileage



2 hours on site
25 images per quarter
4 session over 12 month period

Package Cost £750.00 + Mileage
Payment plan available

Mileage is charged at 40p a mile. 

Each package has been created with smaller businesses in mind, to provide great value whilst offering you clear benefits.  The choice you make may just depend on how frequently you feel your customers will welcome fresh new images for them to engage with and be reminded of why they need you in their life.

With all packages the images can be sent through WeTransfer, which offers you a swift and safe delivery service for your images. No more waiting for couriers or substandard USBs that may date or deteriorate in time.

Please do get in touch for more details and I’ll help you raise your online visual presence.  You can reach me on 07889 435130 or via email at:

Have a fabulous week!

Rachel x

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Reviews From my Fabulous Clients

There is nothing better for me than to hear that a client loves their images, it means I’ve done my job well. Below are just a few of the lovely comments clients have said after receiving their photos.

Review for horse photographer Sweet-Images Photography in Somerset UK
Review for horse photographer Sweet-Images Photography in Somerset UK
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