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Moving Up Sessions…

There comes a time in every pony mad child’s life when things inevitably change.

It really doesn’t matter how brilliant the relationship is between child and pony, how much fun they’ve had, how successful they have been in the competition arena or even how much they love them, it just changes.   Those legs that once were a perfect length for the pony’s side are now just too long…

Saying goodbye at these times can be really tricky.  OK, so maybe it’s never as bad as a tragic goodbye, but try telling that to sobbing 12 year old who has outgrown their beloved equine best friend and who really doesn’t want to hand the lead rope over to an eager 9 year old waiting in the wings!

Making these moments as easy as possible is the key, so what better way to do so than to create a final storyboard of photos of them together with one of my Moving Up photo shoot sessions.  Time for some magical times together and build a memory bank they can go back to an enjoy whenever they like.

Rachel x

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