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Equine Lifestyle Sessions

Hopefully now you’ve discovered a bit more about me, seen and loved my style, you have decided that I am your photographer, so thank you! Let me tell you what I offer and how I operate with my equine lifestyle sessions.

I like to keep this simple and very transparent so you always know exactly what the cost will be up front or long term. I know that no-one likes hidden surprises…

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Full sessions cost £100, this is a non refundable Booking Fee.

  • This covers the cost of the commission for me to come to you and photograph you and your horse. It does not include the supply of any products.
  • Once you have had your session and you’ve seen your images, you may choose to purchase either of the product ‘Collections’ listed below within the flip boxes below.
  • The costs of the product ‘Collections’ is chargeable on top of the Booking fee.
  • If you decide not to purchase any products after your session that is completely your choice. You are not obliged to buy any products.

Mini sessions (Acorn Collection) costs £150, this is charged at point of booking.

  • This covers the cost of the commission for me to come to you and photograph you and your horse. It also includes the supply of 10 of your favourite images as digital files for you to download.
  • If you would prefer more than the 10 free digitals you may choose to upgrade to either of the product ‘Collections’ listed below within the flip boxes below.

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A beautifully crafted oak presentation box containing all of your images printed as 6” x 4” photographs and also included on a USB as digital files for you to keep or print.

Collection Cost £195.00 Plus

£100 Initial Booking/Commission Fee



A beautifully created hardback album containing 30 of your favourite images from the shoot.  Perfect memories for coffee table moments.

Collection Cost £150.00 Plus

£100 Initial Booking/Commission Fee



A shorter mini session with your favourite 10 images supplied as high resolution digital images ready for you to print how you choose. These sessions are perfect for Yard Mini sessions too.

Full cost £150.00 

Fully paid at time of booking

What you can expect…

    • My time on site with you for around 90 minutes for a full shoot (30-45 minutes for the mini shoot)  
    • An individually tailored session for you and your horse.
    • The option for you have an outfit change or two (full shoots only).
    • A full shoot should produce around 80-100 final images, a mini shoot will be around 50 images.
    • All fully edited images in my soft, muted style, published on a password protected online gallery.
    • Each full shoot comes with your favourite images supplied as beautiful 10″ x 8″ print.
    • A Client Story article shared on this website and on social media platforms.
    • Mileage is free for the first 25 miles, then chargeable at 25p a mile thereafter and will be added to your invoice.  

♥︎ ♘ ♥︎

Looking for more?

There are lots of fabulous individual products you might choose to invest in if you’d like something in addition to the Collections themselves…

    • Canvases – Always a popular way to display a few key images from your shoot.  Available in a classic style which simply lets the image speak for itself, or in a more dramatic style that delivers a creative finish too.
    • Large Format Prints – Produced on Fine Art photographic paper for a superior finish that will stand the test of time.  Supplied ready for you to mount & frame how you choose and available in a number of sizes.
    • Digital Files – Ready for you to print (up to 12″ x 8″)

All of these you can proudly hang on your walls or flick through and admire for years to come…… and isn’t that just the whole reason for creating these fabulous photos in the first place?

Rachel x

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