Dog Portraits

What is life if there isn’t a dog involved?  A lot sadder, often a whole lot lonelier and nothing like as fun, that’s for sure!  I’ve had dogs all my life and there’s nothing better than being greeted with that natural enthusiasm and a wagging tail.  You can’t buy that kind of love, can you.

My dog photo portrait sessions are all carried out in a natural environment, so no studio set up.  I prefer this as I feel the character of the dog comes out far more when they are playing in a place or environment they are fully relaxed in.  There’s nothing wrong with studio photos, but for me they feel a little too static for the life that a dog brings to it’s world.

Much like with my horse photography sessions I like to keep everything simple and very transparent so you always know exactly what the cost will before we start.  Budgeting is important, I understand that.

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Session Fee £50

  • This is a non refundable booking fee and covers the cost for me to photograph you and your dog.  It also covers the resulting editing time. It does not include the supply of any photography products, these are in addition to the session fee.
  • Mileage costs are charged after the first 25miles.  This is due at the time of booking too and are charged at 25p per mile.

Once you have had your session and you’ve seen your images, you may choose to purchase either of the products listed below within the flip boxes below.If you decide not to purchase any products after your session that is completely your choice. You are not obliged to buy any products.

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A truly delightful hardback album containing 30 of your favourite images from the shoot, housed in a sumptuous presentation box.  Perfect personal memories for coffee table moments.

Collection Cost £175.00


Options Include:

8” x 6” Unmounted prints £10 each or 12 for £100
12” x 8” Unmounted prints £14 each or 12 for £140
Fine Art unmounted prints from £20 each


Options Include:

A range of wrapped style canvas options, the perfect addition for your wall.

Options From £60.00 

What you can expect…

    • My time on site with you for around 30-45 minutes.
    • An individually tailored session for your dog or, you and your dog if you’d prefer.
    • The option for you have an outfit change.
    • A full shoot should produce around 40-50 final images.
    • All fully edited images in my soft, muted style, published on a password protected online gallery.
    • A Client Story article shared on this website and on social media platforms.

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I’m happy to discuss any element of the sessions with you so if you’ve got a question then drop me a line for a chat today.

Rachel x

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m sure you’ve got some questions and I’d be delighted to speak directly to you about them, so please do contact me at your leisure.  However I’ve dropped in few of my most frequently asked questions below too.

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Can I book in advance?

Yes, of course.  If you have a specific time of year that you love the most, or a special date you’d like to celebrate, then let me know about it and I’ll endeavour to get you in then.  However please be aware that certain months are always in high demand and often require quite a few months notice to secure.

My garden isn’t big or pretty.

That’s OK, we don’t need a huge space (unless you have an Otterhound or Newfoundland!) to shoot in your garden.  Dogs love their own space and are often most relaxed there, however don’t worry as your favourite walk location is also a perfect option.

What should do to get my dog ready?

Let’s have a clean and freshly brushed dog ready for when I arrive. If he’s a mud lover, then a bath would be ideal.  Just leave time for the hair to fully dry before I arrive.  A squeaky clean collar too.  If it’s a leather on, give it some leather care and don’t forget to polish any brass plates.

What can I wear?

Oh gosh, I get this a lot and it’s always one of the first things I think about myself on special occasions like this.  My honest answer is wear something you are comfortable in.  Clients generally love to wear good fitting jeans/trousers with a nice pair of leisure boots or shoes.  If you team this with a nice shirt, maybe a shawl or cardigan then this is a great basis to work from.   Dresses are popular if you want more of a relaxed feel and I always think maxi dresses always look fab.  I’d always suggest steering away from big bold patterns just because they can draw the eye within the photo at times and distract from the overall picture.  We can discuss specifics at any point.

Can I have more than one dog in my session?

You definitely can!  If you personally own 2 or 3 dogs then this is no problem.  However if you want your sister or mother in with their dogs too then I’m afraid those are separate sessions.  However we can discuss this in advance and tailor multiple sessions together and I’m happy to work out better session fee in these circumstances too.

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