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Business coach, social media guru and all round nice person Rhea Freeman from Rhea Freeman PR invited me recently to join her in a blog, 5 Things I'm Proud Of (#5thingsimproudof), I jumped at it. Although I don't do a huge amount of blogging but because the theme seemed so positive, with a simple structure and at [...]

Back in the Saddle… Part 8 Patience

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When you are desperate for some consistency in your mental approach to something, being delayed from even being able to try can be really difficult to deal with.  Patience is required.  Particularly when horses are involved.  So is the ability to put those issues to one side and just carry on with 'normal' stuff is what's [...]

Back in the Saddle… Part 7 Forwards & Backwards

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All has been going well with Tiny and I at home.  He's not put a foot wrong and we are slowly building our relationship together both on the ground and in the saddle.  However things in my head have been somewhat unhelpful lately and despite my strong desire to be much further forward with my return [...]

Back in the Saddle… Part 6 Sit Up!!!

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My main competitive years growing up was in the Show Jumping arena.  During my teenage years I was really lucky to be in a position to ride and own some pretty speedy accurate and jumping ponies.  I rode in affiliated junior competitions from the age of 13 through to 16 years until I grew out of [...]

Back in the Saddle… Part 5 Fresh Do’s & Shoe Issues!

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We've reached the month point since I've been back in the saddle with a new horse of my own, Tiny, and it's starting to feel like second nature with the daily and weekly routines.  One thing I think most of us probably can appreciate is that life is frequently about compromises and making the best of [...]

Back in the Saddle… Part 4 Cross Country schooling the orange one.

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At the entrance to a cross country schooling facility I was giggling like an idiot.   I’m not sure why really as deep down I was somewhat terrified at the prospect. Bar 2 jumps out hunting when Tony wedged me in behind him and Hugo recently I’ve not left the ground for over 15 years.  I can’t [...]

Back in the Saddle… Part 3

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Having made the decision to buy little Tiny I set about making a list of things I needed for him.  Obviously the bridle was already on the list from Tony but given his height much of the spare kit Tony had lurking just wasn’t going to fit the Orange Prince. Shopping is so much fun.  Actually [...]