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From behind the lens…

Want to know more about the person behind the camera?

Having owned and ridden horses for most of my life I feel this has always helped me really understand the horse.  In recent years I’ve spent a lot of time watching the relationships between horses and their riders, either directly or through my viewfinder. I’m able to confidently and safely work within their environment and respect the space of both – all of which give me a great basis for my life as an equine photographer.

The equine photography journey started for me in Event Photography. I still work a bit with some of the country’s leading Equestrian Event Photographers as a Freelancer.  When I’ve got this ‘hat’ on I help cover everything from grassroots Pony Club shows through to International Horse Trials. I love every second of it, come rain or shine.  I’m a bit fan of County Shows and love to get in amongst the show lines, have a sneaky pat and chat with the ponies… and their owners of course!

Naturally I’m pretty relaxed when I’m on site at an equine shoot.  There’s always an overall plan in my head its important to be flexible and move on from things if your horse isn’t fully comfortable.  You need patience to get the best from a horse and I find that by watching and listening to them as well as you.

Away from the camera, my world is rather light-hearted but professional & organised. Taking a closer look here are some things you might find amusing/interesting or things I’m often saying:

♥ Want a list? I’ve got one already… possibly two or three…
♥ I’ve lived in many places but a home needs to be rural… I’m waiting for that home with a 5 bar gate at the drive…
♥ You’ll usually see me with my Spaniel, William. You’ll also discover him pop up within my Instagram Stories via #DiaryofWills
♥ I love to create flat lay images, it’s my extra little ‘thing’ photographically. No expert, but I do love it!
♥ I’m a sucker for a fabulous coloured sports horse & I’ve owned a few over the years.
♥ Sadly I’m without now – maybe now I’m settled in Somerset I’ll be able to change this?
♥ Toast crumbs in butter or butter blobs in jam pots are just flaming WRONG!
♥ I once had a lock of hair from the 1983 Derby winner Teenoso, until my brother flushed it down the loo!
♥ I’m a people watcher. Give me a brew, cake and a cafe window.
♥ You’re never too old for Jelly Tots. Ever…
♥ The path will probably twist & turn, but it’s your path, no-one else can tread it.
♥ If in doubt, turn left.
♥ I know a real live unicorn & he lives in Devon.

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Have a fabulous week!

Rachel x

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