I never thought for a second I’d be writing this to you all. Maybe sometime in the future but certainly not this week.

I made the decision to sell Tiny.  For all his amazing points there were a few things that just didn’t work for me. I could have carried on and worked through them, many people would. I did the brave thing for me though and admit that however charming and easy he was to do at home, we just weren’t gelling enough for a ridden aspect. He wasn’t quite the horse for me.

♥︎ ♘ ♥︎

There, I said it…

It came down to jumping really and our future options together in other areas. I’d been struggling with my jumping confidence over the winter as I’d mentioned a few times in the blog. I used to LOVE jumping and it never bothered me. Today after about 20 years of not leaving the ground I find it quite a mental struggle, one that poor Tiny doesn’t help with thanks to his racehorse approach to tackling obstacles. Full pace and frequently ballooning them.

The easy solution is to school him, it was in the plans this summer too. Although we don’t really have the ideal facilities at the farm, it’s not impossible of course. However the signs were that in reality we weren’t going to be a good combination and I might have ruined either of us for our hunting.  That’s not fair on him because he jumped everything I ever put him at.

My confidence hit rock bottom after a trip to a lovely arena. I don’t mind saying there were lots of tears as a result and a stark reality. I needed a horse that was a bit more level headed in his jumping and schooling. Something that would take ME down a grid. Something that would correct ME if I got something wrong and not worry. Something to take me forward with my confidence. Tiny will jump pretty much anything, but his way of doing it was an issue.

It was a hard decision. Tiny had got me back in the saddle and enjoying ownership, hacking and discovering hunting as an adult. He’d also given me the omph for other things and I know I’d love to get back into hunter showing too, something he wouldn’t be ideal for  and that was another reason for him to find a new home. He’s never been the ideal height or type for Tony should he ever need a second horse hunting. Another reason.

So for all he’s has done for me to get me to this point is wonderful, but it was time to move on.

The Sunday of Whitsun Bank Holiday we advertised him. The phone went crazy.  He was essentially sold and vetted within 48 hours and he’s due to leave us this coming week.

I shall miss his handsome, if somewhat bright orange, head but realising sooner rather than later that it’s time to move and acting straight away has been key. He’s off to a lovely sounding home in Suffolk…

Then it’s onwards to find my next horse!!!

♥︎ ♘ ♥︎

With love from me and The Orange One (for the last time), see you next time!

Rachel xx


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