There’s a phrase I heard some time ago that someone was quoting to me about their personal situation.  After meeting Tamsin, and her 18hh chestnut gelding Zeke, on our recent shoot that quote came back to me.

‘I’m not a one in a million kind of girl, I’m a once in a lifetime kind of woman’.

Change the words girl and woman both to horse and you have in a nutshell how Tamsin feels about her lovely big hunter.

♥︎ ♘ ♥︎


I first met Tamsin in 2017 when she was on hand to help a friend of her’s, Katie, during her own photo shoot with me.  This year Katie decided that Tamsin deserved a photo shoot to be gifted to her for all the amazing support she’s shown during some pretty tough times and for the help with her own horse too over the years they’ve known each other.

I LOVE gifted shoots.  There’s just something so fabulously personal about each one and the story behind them just so lovely.  I’m sure you’ll agree that friendships and relationships that are built on support, like this one, are the ones that really connect and grow.

Tamsin and 21 year old Zeke were introduced to each other about 8 years ago when she found him in a little yard near Southampton.  Sadly he wasn’t quite right for them to do the showjumping and cross country they really wanted to do, I believe the phrase used was he might have had bit too much ‘character’.  Fate he found himself  in the care of Tamsin and she was determined to bring the best out in this big chap.

Which is exactly what has happened.

Over time and a whole lot of patience Tamsin has built a strong relationship with her boy .  He still has character in abundance but now it’s shown in a different way really.

Take the relationship he has with 6 year old Livi who keeps her pony at the same yard as Tamsin and Zeke.  This enormous hunter absolutely dotes on her and follows her like a little dog.  He really does and it’s adorable!  Livi is regularly left in charge of him and is happy to lead him around (they often causes many smiles from onlookers at shows), he just drops his massive head and neck and becomes THE softest gentlemen  you could imagine.

Now that was lovely, but what I witnessed next made my jaw drop.  Now we all often keep things in our stable, maybe rugs hanging, some grooming brushes or sprays up on a ledge.  I know I do.  It’s just great to have frequently used things to hand isn’t it.  Well Zeke’s stable has just a bit more than this in it.  All of his kit is stored directly in the stable.  Boxes of things, bridles and even his saddle is on a rack in there.  Does he touch any of it – nope.  It kind of looks like the average room in a horsey house and to be honest and he’s just living in the middle of it all.

Now THAT in my eye’s is one very happy, very content and very well mannered horse right there!

Tamsin knew exactly what she wanted with her images, she wanted ridden shots really and so that’s what we based our time together on.  Livi joined us on the bridleway that Tamsin and Zeke love so much and she was snapping away on her phone too.

Zeke is a proper Irish Draught chap who comes from the famous King of Diamonds line of ID’s.  A line renowned for their ability in the show jumping arena, which naturally flows into the hunting field thanks to their stamp and way of going.  Watching Zeke come cantering up through the field it was so easy to imagine him in his favoured field following hounds and the trail when she’s out with either the South Downs Bloodhounds or the South Dorset.  Whilst a strong jumping horse in his younger days at 21 Tamsin now picks and chooses her days out with him and say’s their jumping days are over.  Protecting him for longevity will hopefully means he’ll be around in the hunting field for a few more seasons yet.

Something they’d both love.

♥︎ ♘ ♥︎


Have a fabulous week ahead…

Rachel x


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