I meet Caroline after I ran a competition, however it turns out that we have quite a few mutual friends.  Which for someone that hasn’t been in the South West all that long was quite an eye opener for me!

Actually, it gave us lots and lots to talk about as we walked with her lovely grey Irish mare Beatrice around the lovely Dorset farm where she’s kept on a very sunny afternoon in October recently.  Lovely to find mutual connections between us beyond two girls who share a love for horses ready for a natter about all things equine!


♥︎ ♘ ♥︎


Beatrice is a proper Irish girl and I reckon she’s nailed that dapple grey look that’s so typical of the type, don’t you?   Big Doe eyed lady with a leg at each corner and strong back, all ready for a day’s work.  Caroline has had her for about 4 years now and although they’ve had a few falters along the years, like most do at some point, it’s never stopped her loving the mare and giving her the best chance to shine.   Caroline has a friend, and instructor, who breeds Irish horses like her Beatrice and it’s his strong belief with many Irish horses that they often go through a bit of a late stage similar to the ‘terrible two’s’ but go on to being probably the best horse someone has ever owned.

When I think on this a bit myself, it’s true that I’ve met many along the way that are just amazing 3/4 and 5 years olds, then they often turn into little monsters for a time and then return to being just fabulous.  At 9 I think Caroline is hoping that those few issues that she wasn’t so keen on with Beatrice are now on their way out, and listening to the progress they’ve been making from a cross country schooling aspect then it seems there’s much to look forward to.

Caroline has spent quite a lot of time in the hunting field and it’s something she hopes she can return to soon with Beatrice.  She’s just a little too strong for Caroline’s liking at the moment, she can have a tendency to lock on to her fence or job and just go.  That’s ideal for many people in life but Caroline wants to be able to ride anywhere in the field and not be forced up front.  Like many of us, as time moves on often our desire to be brave depletes a little, and it becomes more important to have control in order to enjoy ourselves more in our chosen way.   When their relationship together started to suffer a little as they had conflicting ideas of what was a nice day out hunting, Caroline she sent the mare to spend some time in a hunting home that could give her the opportunity to develop mentally and do the one thing she really wants to do in life – run and jump.

However now she’s back home again and Caroline has the bug to be in the field once more, but at a more sedate pace and enjoy the day being able to either pop a fence or divert through a gate without a full on fight which nobody enjoys.  This has been the main area they’ve been working on so hopefully it won’t be long before they partnership are back in the field together having controlled fun once more!

Whatever they really end up doing it’s clear that there’s a huge amount of affection between the two and they’ll be enjoying themselves wherever they go…


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Have a fabulous week ahead…

Rachel x


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