I first met Katie about 10 months ago when she had a mini shoot with me, so I was really happy to revisit her and her Welsh Cob mare Breeze again in the beautiful Dorset countryside recently for another session.

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It’s been quite a time for this pair since I last saw them. Sadly not long after our autumn shoot last year Breeze had an accident in the field which left her with a seriously nasty injury to a hind leg.  Some of you might recall that Breeze lives out as she has some real issues about being stabled.  Following the accident Katie had no choice but to teach Breeze to cope with being stabled in order for the injury to be given the best chance possible.  Breeze is 22, so you can imagine how tricky that was for both her and Katie to manage and get through.  However with a lot of patience and support from those around Katie she did manage to get Breeze to cope with her recuperation period in a stable AND to get the mare fit and well again.

On the day I saw her she was in a stable.  I never thought I’d see that.

These two also do lots of hacking, something they didn’t really much of before but as their confidence in each other has grown, then hacking has become a real pleasure for them both and it sounds like Katie in particular is really enjoying this new freedom.

I always knew that one of Breeze’s least favourite things is to travel so when Katie said this was another area they had been working on I was seriously happy for them both.  They’ve managed to get out to a number of events this year, from fun rides in the bluebells to some dressage events at Moreton Equestrian Centre, where Katie is also Head Girl on this huge livery yard.  In their very first test together they 6th which she was over the moon with. They also qualified for Moreton’s Summer Championships were they took 9th in the Intro final.  A great result, however the placing to Katie was less important than the fact they travelled there in the first place.   So despite Breeze’s worries their rosette collection together is growing nicely.  The plans for the next 12 months include more dressage competitions, possibly some showing but also to do a bit more jumping at home as Breeze loves it.

This little cob mare is just full of life and character and seems to really enjoy what she does now and remains a firm favourite at the stable yard where’s she’s kept.  The difference in those 10 months is huge because the connection together is even stronger.  So many of the things that were real issues last autumn for them both have been really worked on.

Love, trust and patience once again showing that with horses having some understanding and respect for each in a relationship can make a massive difference.

It’s so easy to see how much care is put into the mare’s life and Katie is passionate about keeping her healthy, she uses a physiotherapist as part of her regime.

Oh and oh my gosh this little mare has THE longest eye whiskers I’ve ever seen, I swear they are a foot long, you can tuck them under her cheek pieces and they still hang and hang… Just incredible!

In recent times Katie has been coping with some sad family news and the subsequent passing of her beloved Granddad, a man who was a massive part of Katie’s life and upbringing.  It’s been a terribly tough and emotional time for Katie but she’s convinced that Breeze has been fully aware just how sad her mum has been.   She told me about times where the mare was unusually attentive, or had been giving her knowing nudges or and doing things out of character, such as waiting for Katie at the gate after the funeral. Breeze is never at the gate.   Sounds to me like these two really do have each others best interests at heart.

So our time came to an end and it was soon time for us to say our goodbyes once more.  I wish them both all the luck for the future together and I’m sure they’ll continue to develop their relationship.


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Have a fabulous week ahead…

Rachel x


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