Earlier in the summer Sarah got in touch as she had been recommended my style of photography by one of my previous clients, Jackie.  They both stable their beloved horses at Moreton Equestrian Centre between Dorchester and Weymouth in Dorset and have been friends for sometime now.  I was delighted to be making a return to this yard as I’ve always found everyone there to be incredibly friendly and was really looking forward to meeting the bubbly and chatty Sarah and the new man in her life, Bob…

♥︎ ♘ ♥︎

Sarah and Bob are a relatively new partnership, they’ve been together for about 18 months now but actually you’d think that they’d formed their relationship a very long time ago when you watch them interact with each other.   It had been 6 years since Sarah had lost her previous horse, a grey mare she’d had for 22 years and experienced so much with and she never thought she’d ever want another and didn’t really try either.  However one thing led to another and suddenly Sarah found herself in a situation and thanks to a friend of a friend she was staring up into the eyes of a true Gent… Bob and realised her life could do with this chap in it too.

Standing at 17.2 and a proper irish hunter, Bob is completely different to her fizzy and busy Anglo Arab mare. Looks, breeding, type, ride… the list is long and Sarah believes is a good thing too as there’s been little chance to compare the two in ways you might be tempted.  Moreton EC is a big spacious yard, I’m really not sure how many are on livery there but I’d hazard a guess at over 40.  There’s a really great team of people behind the scenes there that keep all the horses happy and the place organised and clean.  I find that it’s  pretty typical that those working in this kind of environment have their favourite horses to look after or assist with on a daily basis, but I don’t think I’ve come across one horse on a yard where so many of the staff quickly point him out to be in their top selections and it’s really easy to see why.   He’s just the biggest, kindest, easiest horse I think I’ve come across for some time.  In fact I reckon he’s part dog too as he’s very happy to follow you around!!

As we got going on some images in the stable yard and Sarah chatted merrily about her chap.  We moved locations and as we wandered around the grounds of a large house we were allowed to shoot in Sarah completely relaxed and focused entirely on Bob, which is perfect.

Bob has been a hunter in his time, flying round the hedges in neighbouring country, but now with Sarah he’s doing a bit of everything really.  However Sarah has been out of action quite a bit since she’s had Bob,  a number of operations have kept her on the riding and or competitive sidelines – which I’m fairly sure has been driving her insane at times.  She’s also had to learn to adapt a bit and change her equine discipline focus because of it too, so she’s working hard in Dressage and they are gaining some good results together.  However Bob still gets to let his jumping skills loose as a friend of Sarah’s has been competing him in One Day Events.

I had so much fun with Sarah and Bob on their shoot.  We were joined by Jackie who turned into my assistant for the afternoon, later on by her boyfriend who was on hand to tell his lovely lady just how gorgeous she looked… and he’s completely right, she really is a gorgeous lady…

…with a tall, dark and totally handsome (not so) stranger attached to her at the end of a set of reins…  😉

Have a fabulous day!

Rachel x

♥︎ ♘ ♥︎

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