#MyHackathon – My Favourite Hacks Pt 7

//#MyHackathon – My Favourite Hacks Pt 7

Welcome to Part 7 of my mini series – My Favourite Hacks.  A series created in support of the 2018 #MyHackathon campaign organised by the International equine charity – Brooke.  You can find out more on this ever popular campaign here Brooke – #MyHackathon and I really hope you step up and sign up for this super simple way to raise funds!

Featured today is the incredibly talented Emily Mumford, a lady I admire very much, so I was thrilled when she agreed to take part in the series.  Emily runs Inkpot & Press which offers bespoke Copywriting, PR & Social Media Services for countryside-based artisan, equestrian and rural businesses.   In this role she’s associated with some pretty wonderful businesses, including the brand behind my amazing Fedora hat and feather pin –  Mackenzie and George.

Emily, wife and mother of one adorable little lad, is also part of the team behind the Event Rider Masters (ERM), which makes it’s return to our 2018 eventing calendar with Leg 1 at Chatsworth in May.

So time to fire those questions!


Introduce yourself:
I’m Emily, a 32 year old freelance Content Creator from Nottinghamshire. 
Tell me a little about the horse/s in your life, what you do with them and if you have any specific aims (competitive or non-competitive) with them for 2018: 
I have three horses – Archie, Pea and Pip who keep my very busy! Archie is a 25yr old, bay, ex-event horse who is living the life of riley in the field with his mate Buzz (also retired). Pea is an 8yr old, grey, KWPN gelding by Cassini (a very clever show jumping sire) and Pip is a rising 5yr old, steel grey Irish Draft mare.
The two greys are both in full work and time permitting will both event this year.

I’d love to hear about your favourite hack location. Where is it & what makes it such a great place & can we see a photo please?
My favourite hack has to be along the disused railway near my childhood home. I don’t live too far away from it now so still get to box up and hack down it occasionally. The railway runs from Lincoln to Worksop and forms part of the National Cycle Path which makes it perfect to hack down – there are no vehicles on it at all and it is more than wide enough to allow for horses and bikes to use it together in perfect harmony.
Riding down the railway and around the lanes near home takes me back to family walks with the dog to the “local” pub (5 miles down the track) and the opportunity to share that with my horses is wonderful – I am very lucky!
Finally, do you have a message for anyone taking part in The Brooke #MyHackathon this year?
My message to anyone taking part in the #MyHackathon this year would be: Thank you. Thank you for helping this wonderful charity to keep providing for and saving horses, donkeys and mules all over the world. What a wonderful way to raise money doing something we all love!

Don’t forget to keep up with Brooke and their #MyHackathon campaign.  Last year they raised over £20,000 with this hugely simple but effective way to fund raise.  Let’s see if we can raise this sum again!

If you’ve enjoyed this blog you can keep up with the rest of this series by heading to My Journal – Life Rambles

Have a fabulous day!


Rachel x



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