#MyHackathon – My Favourite Hacks Pt 5

//#MyHackathon – My Favourite Hacks Pt 5

In Part 5 of my mini blog series,  ‘My Favourite Hacks’, I’ve been asking questions to a really lovely friend of mine Alice Edmonds.  Alice came into my life just over a year ago when we did a frosty winter shoot, and since then we’ve become firm friends.  Alice is my local ‘go-to girl’ if I need equine models or a lovely horsey backdrop for some projects and more recently she has started coming out to some of the personal shoots assisting me and being my spare eyes and ears!

Time to find out more….

Alice & Paddy


Introduce yourself
Howdy, my name is Alice and I’ve been riding since I could walk! I’m 33 (nearly 34) and I’m a self employed PA/Events organiser. I live in Yeovil with my zoo.

Tell me a little about the horse/s in your life, what you do with them and if you have any specific aims (competitive or non-competitive) with them for 2018:
My partner and I have 3 horses each….. don’t ask! My retired Sunny made me the rider I am (or not) today. I also have Paddy and Oscar, both grey Connemara geldings aged 6 and 8 respectively.

Paddy is the more sensible and is registered this year for the British Connemara Pony Society Performance Award Scheme, so I hope to do as much as I can with him this year. He’s hunted and done fun rides before as well as a bit of HT/SJ and Dressage. So looking forward to a successful year ahead.

Oscar the older, is not so sensible, so I’m hoping that we can just make it out on a hack and both survive this year and small show would also be nice but we shall see. What he lacks in confidence he makes up in personality, he just loves people and cuddles, more than food which is odd for a native breed!

I’d love to hear about your favourite hack location. Where is it & what makes it such a great place.
I’m lucky we have transport and get to go out to some beautiful locations around Dorset and Somerset hacking, including one of the beaches in North Somerset that’s fantastic for cantering on. But still my favourite is my local ‘valley hack’.  A short ride down the bridleway that leaves our yard will take you do the bottom of Witcombe Valley on Ham Hill.  Ham Hill is an historic area of Somerset with loads of open spaces, meadows and some very old memorials and sculptures made out of the local yellow hamstone.  People come from all around to walk and ride around here and I’m very lucky that it’s on my doorstep.

The part I love the most is a lush green field that’s all up hill with many rolling banks and steeps sides.  The track up the middle is the best place for a good pipe opener, no horse can resist a gallop up here.

This hack has everything, rivers, woodlands, bluebells, snowdrops, lamps and lush grass.  It’s definitely the horses favourite too.

Can we see a photo?
Yes of course…. see above!

Finally, do you have a message for anyone taking part in Brooke #MyHackathon this year? 
Get involved! There are so many horses that don’t get to enjoy the simple pleasures of a relaxed hack, working hard on hard streets with heavy loads. By doing what you love you can ensure that these less fortunate animals get a little love in return.


Who will be next in this hacking blog??  If you want to feature and tell us all about your favourite place to hack, please do get in touch today and don’t forget to head over to Brooke and discover more about the work they do globally to look after working horses living in less than desirable conditions and how the funds from their #MyHackathon are used to make things easier.

Have a fabulous day!

Rachel x


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