I’ve long admired the style and simplicity that Noble Outfitters deliver in their equestrian clothing and accessories, so when I received one of their Evolution Insulated jackets to test I was fabulously excited!

I’d been looking for a fully waterproof jacket that would technically cope with my photography life but also on the yard. Somehow it needed to be a stylish piece of technical clothing that wouldn’t look tired after a few trips outside.  The Evolution Insulated looked to be an ideal place to start and my first impressions on unpacking were really good.

It’s lightweight but feels really durably constructed. It’s fully seamed, making it 100% waterproof, and has an insulated lining for warmth.  Which reminds me, there’s utterly gorgeous detailing on the lining that provides a really beautiful finish, totally stroke-able actually!  2 huge external pockets give loads of space for daily necessisties BUT there’s a twist to these pockets and a very clever one too as they are dual action… meaning you’ve got one pocket accessible from the top (complete with leather tab detailing)  and there’s a second pocket behind which is accessible from the side via a zip!  I didn’t even notice the side pocket for a while so it was like a little extra Christmas stocking delivered on Boxing Day!!

The jacket’s very first trip out was on a completely miserable day – wet, foggy, window and flipping cold.  February at it’s murkiest, grimiest best basically.  I was essentially outside for 6-7 hours but spent time jumping in and out of the truck during my working day.  Not once did the jacket give me any cause for concern on the waterproof aspect, it beaded like a beauty and I didn’t so much as have a damp spot anywhere, it totally performed.   I wore it with a couple of layers that day, both base and mid, and I was completely snug too.  Personally thats the way I like to wear a performance piece as I want the flexibility of being able to remove or add layers as the day progresses.  The detachable hood has the same lining seen on the main coat, something you don’t always see in jackets of this nature, and the way it connects to the jacket keeps the clean and simple lines that go with the rest of the coat.  There’s some clever tech features that help draw the hood down and around too.

I love some of the extra features like the draw waist cord, back vents, storm flaps and detachable pommel covers,  all provide huge practicality and value to this jacket.  Storm cuffs add to the snug fit – I just wish though that there were thumb holes to create a final flourish in this area of the jacket that would be really practical too.


I really wanted to push this jacket and give it a thorough testing and believe me it’s had a pretty hard life during the month or so it’s been with me. Storm Emma and her rain, then the Beast from the East Pt1 AND Pt 2 with snow came along not long after the Evolution Insulated arrived so I’m pretty sure the been worn in some of the harshest conditions I’m likely to be out it!  Each time it’s stood up to what I’ve needed not letting me down and I’ve not had to think about it really.  That’s a vital area for me when using a product like this because it means I can concentrate solely on the complexities of my photography job and not have to think that any of my equipment is or isn’t coping.

It’s also been perfectly brilliant as my snow angel coat… surely that’s a great sign of a thorough testing too?!

I’ve wiped the mud off as I’ve gone (I’m rather proud of this jacket) and it looks as good today as the day it was delivered. I’ve not ridden in it so far but the fit and features it holds give me no doubt it will be an ideal riding coat.

In conclusion I love this the Evolution Insulated – a lot.  Noble Outfitters have designed and delivered a quality jacket that’s comfortable, durable and does exactly what it says it will do.  It frequently receives compliments whilst I’m out and about, people just love the clean and stylish design.  So, having thoroughly tested this lightweight jacket in one of the UK’s worst late winters for a while, I’m looking forward to stepping into the various arena’s I work in rather than dreading the clouds and wondering if I’ll stay dry with the next cloud burst or three.

Bring on the rain I say….


Have a fabulous day!

Rachel x