There are times in your life when it’s a complete honour to meet some people and the horse in their life.  Now it goes without saying that I genuinely always love meeting every single one of my clients, but there are just a few times when our time together has a very poignant feel to the whole session.

This is Caroline & Fiedo’s story.

17 years ago Caroline was looking for a new horse, she didn’t have a huge want list in her head either, she didn’t mind colour or sex, wasn’t after a superstar with specific capabilities and she wasn’t really worried too much about the height.  What she did want though was a reasonably young horse.  So when she heard about a recently backed 5 year old her ears pricked.  However after making contact with the seller she soon discovered that actually the 5 year old was only a 4 year old…. Caroline deliberated about going any further.  “I wasn’t really after a recently backed 4 year old but I could cope with a slightly more mature 5 year old that had been backed, so I really had to think.  However the seller said many positive things about this Connemara cross gelding, things I liked, so I made the appointment to view him”.  All went very well and Caroline tells me he totally melted her heart and he had so much about him that she was utterly drawn to him.   At the point of vetting it was pointed out that in fact he wasn’t quite 4 either!   However it was too late for worrying, young Fiedo had stolen Caroline’s heart and that was the end of the matter… he came home as a 3 year old and their adventure together started.

Over the years together they’ve had a lot of fun and done a bit of everything.  Caroline tells me he much prefers dressage to showjumping as he can’t see the point of knock down fences and loves to pose a bit with his flatwork and has been known to grow and admire himself in arena mirrors as he’s working!

Full of character and still with manners to burn, this adorable chap will not move unless he’s told it’s ok.  Something that made my life pretty easy at times, particularly with some of our initial yard shots with his door wide open and not a lead rope or pair of reins in sight. The gentlest of touches to his shoulder would have him stepping back or over to where Caroline wanted him but I swear he knew what she wanted before she even asked at times, such is the bond between these two.   That said he’s not adverse to a bit of cheeky lead ropes chewing given half a chance… There’s much mischief in these 20 year old eyes!

Caroline’s career has taken her away from Fiedo in recent years and he’s been away on loan enjoying a more gentle pace of life.  However he’s home again and back under her overall care, it’s very clear the relationship between them both is still very strong despite their time apart and it’s very heartwarming to watch.

Sadly life has caught up with Fiedo and the pair of them have been managing Cushings, Navicular and Arthritis too. He’s pain free, although a bit slow now, but Caroline knows that he just wouldn’t cope with being a field ornament, it’s just not in his nature to be that old horse merrily enjoying full retirement and wandering around his field.    So the time approaches when Caroline has to put her heart to one side and let her beloved friend find peace.

… and a mirrored arena where he can pose and strut his stuff forever more….

Much love to Caroline x


Have a fabulous week ahead…

Rachel x


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