An Equine Photo Shoot for Katie & Breeze

//An Equine Photo Shoot for Katie & Breeze

When knowing your horses needs is more important than anything else…

I met Katie at another equine photo shoot in Dorset recently and having watched part of that morning with my other client she was keen to create her own story with her mare.  This for me is always an ideal way to meet new horse lovers and owners as they’ve seen elements of what happens and have a bit more knowledge and understanding of what to expect.

At our mini shoot session I discovered that Katie works full time as a groom. We all know just how much hard work it is to look after just one or two of your own, let alone be working in this environment all the time, however she clearly loves what she does.  True to most horse owner though we do like to make life a bit tricker for ourselves at times as Katie keeps her mare, Breeze, at a separate yard to where she works.  I asked why that was and she just said that its really nice to be able to switch off from work and fully concentrate on spending time with Breeze in their own environment.  I totally get that!

The little yard Breeze lives at is one of those yards that you draw when someone says “paint me a picture of how your stable block looks”…. It’s 3 sided, with lovely big loose boxes with everyone looking at each other, there’s a quaint central clock tower and the main entrance is through stunning and rather impressive wrought iron gates.  4 huge ticks there, I’m sure you’ll agree!

However I soon learnt that 22 year old Breeze actually lives out all year round, she struggles a bit with anxiety based issues and finds life outside so much better and as Katie only wants whats best for her horse, however pretty the main yard, is then this is always her main concern with the mare.   Clearly Breeze is thriving on the routine that’s in place, which includes the dreaded pony hate, a grazing muzzle, and even having had a foal in recent years she hides her age well – and that’s often delivered with a fair old bit of Welsh Cob attitude!


Katie has had Breeze on loan for about 6 years now and she’s really thankful to Sabrina, Breeze’s owner, for allowing her the opportunity to keep her.  She quite happily admits she’s not the most confident of riders. Breeze can also be quite tricky and bolshy at times, something we witnessed a few times on the shoot, but they’ve clearly got a huge amount of respect for each other and actually this weekend will see the pair of them attending their first ever dressage competition together.  It’s something that’s really exciting for Katie to be able to do and better still the competition is at the yard she works at, Moreton Equestrian Centre, so familiarity at least for Katie should help settle any possible nerves.

During the course of our shoot Kate was really keen to mention how grateful she has been to fellow yard livery Tamsin.  Tamsin has been a real support for her and helped her with her riding too, she said there’s been so many times that Tamsin has stepped in to help and that its been invaluable to her.  I could completely see how well these two get on and with Tamsin helping getting Breeze ready for the shoot and then accompanying us out on location to be on hand and help with settling any nerves or attracting Breeze’s attention too. We all need someone on our yard we can go to for a quick chat or a shared thought process on how to improve something don’t we.

As the sun dropped behind the yard on our return I had some final cuddles with Breeze.  OK, so she’s quite clear at times when she’s not too keen on something but actually, she’s just a cuddly lady who wants to be with you.   Thank you to Katie for letting me be your photographer and capture some moments with you and Breeze to keep forever and to Tamsin for being on hand for all.  It was my absolute pleasure to be able to provide you with long lasting memories.


Have a fabulous week ahead!

Rachel x


If you’d like your own personal equine photo shoot, then please do contact me here to chat about your options more…

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