In this continuation of my Grateful Thanks! series of blogs, I look back on August and discover that this month proved to be full of crazy opportunities and moments that made me completely thrilled for other people, not just myself…

I’ve started my day today in my favourite coffee shop in town after some early morning chores. The old neck/shoulder problem I’ve had for about 10 years made a return earlier this week so I’ve been a bit limited in what I could do at times, but the sun was out and what better way to start to think back on August than with a coffee and a pastry in the late summer sunshine?

It’s Saturday and it’s Cross Country day at the Land Rover sponsored Burghley Horse Trials at Stamford in Lincolnshire.  One of the Worlds biggest and best known 3 day events.  Sadly I’m not there this year but I am at home watching it, complete with a carpet picnic and fizz…

Well, just because I’m not there doesn’t mean I can’t join in!

Now I’ve not gone off on one of my famous tangents (ask my long suffering hubby about those), there is a point to mentioning Burghley and it started during the early part of August when I got a message from my brilliant friend and coach, Rhea.  She simply said, “Rachel, the owner of Hiho Silver would like to know if you’d write an article for their Burghley edition of their Country Show Journal”.

Stunned silence this end.

Followed by a very similar little dance/jig thing that happened last month when I won the the Best Blog aware at the Equestrian Creative Network Awards (if you didn’t see that news then you can read the Press Release here Sweet-Images Photography Wins at the ECN Awards).

I realised Rhea was actually waiting for an answer…

I’ve read the Hiho CSJ’s in the past and found them to be full of incredible articles, with great brands being featured and some lust worthy country/equine products on their pages. I’ve been a fan of Hiho Silver for a large number of years now having first come across them at a Horse Trials I was freelancing shooting at. I adore all the pieces I own and I as I now live between their 2 stores and head office they are very much a local based company to me.  I was totally thrilled and jumped at the opportunity. I actually pretty much dropped everything in order to get the article sorted in time as I was going to be out of my office for a while during the month and there was no way I was going to miss that deadline!  So the first thanks for August go to Emma from Hiho Silver!

You can read this fab edition, together with my article, here Hilo CSJ Burghley   I bet there’s a ton of things you love in it…


In business it helps to have the support and guidance from many walks of life. Never is this more true than when you are a small business or a solo venture.  Now I’ve been an avid reader since early school days, but my reading in the last year or so has included many business based books to help me in areas I’m not overly familiar with.  I also listen to Podcasts from some great business people picking up tips along the way.  Late last year I joined a Facebook Group called Small & Supercharged, a group dedicated to small businesses from all areas of industry.  This is actually how I met my coach Rhea, as she runs this group.  The wealth of knowledge that the group and its members bring is really fantastic.  Subsequently there is now a Small & Supercharged VIP group and I just LOVE being part of both.  The members of both are extremely friendly, very willing to help each other and lots of collaborations have happened between companies.   Those in the newer VIP group pay a very small monthly amount to be members but all of us in it gain even more knowledge as Rhea has specifically developed a whole heap of great content that is only available to the VIP group.  Everything she creates is aimed at helping you to directly grow your business by developing new skills or improving the ones you already have.  At an early stage of VIP I was asked by Rhea if I would show my support by being the group expert on Flat Lay images, an area I’d really been personally getting to grips with and loving.  She had a plan to offer some educational video’s on this area and show members how they could easily create their own visual content that could be used across their business.  I was so happy to be asked and we hatched a plan, developed the content and created a challenge for the members to tackle.

The challenge took place in August and has just finished and I have to say I’ve been totally blown away by the way all members embraced it and really produced some amazing flat lay photos.  It was brilliant and I couldn’t have been happier than how it turned out.  The messages of thanks towards Rhea and myself have been lovely, but really for me it was all about seeing how people discussed it with each other, supported each other and then ran with the challenge.  It really is an incredible community of small businesses.  So my heartfelt thank go not only to Rhea for asking me to be a part of this challenge but to ALL the members from the S&S VIP group who took hold of that weird sounding subject, didn’t laugh (too much) and then ran to the end of the pitch and back with the challenge. You guys are FABULOUS!

Attached is one of the winners videos….


If you run a small business and are looking for friendly advice from people who genuinely want to help and support, then head to main group here… Facebook – Small & Supercharged  If you are considering a business coach, then please do head to Rhea Freeman and discover more about this lovely lady and her skills.

As with the previous Grateful Thanks! posts, this is the point in my blog where I thank everyone else who this month who have supported me, given me an ear to bend or guided me when I need it the most, or just supplying the virtual glass of wine or kick up the backside.  I think there’s been a few of you!

Have a fabulous week!

Rachel x