An Equine Photo Shoot for Chloe & Murphy

//An Equine Photo Shoot for Chloe & Murphy

You may recall earlier in the month I met up with the lovely Chloe and her gorgeous appaloosa gelding Finn for a equine photo shoot around their home fields of beautiful Somerset.  If you didn’t see it then you’ll find it here Chloe & Finbar . Well, this week I went back to see Chloe again and this time we worked with her other equally gorgeous gelding, Murphy.

Murphy is utterly adorable and I was reminded of this as I approached his stable again and his noble head greeted me, ears pricked forward.  He just has the softest of eyes that just melts your heart. He knows all about cameras this one…



He’s full Irish Draught and had spent many of his early years in the show ring as a show hunter, and it’s not difficult to see why.  Now aged 21 he’s been with Chloe since he was about 8 years old once his showing days were over thanks to a few general knocks and bumps & a spavin.  Chloe was looking for a new horse to progress to after her time with smaller ponies and found him at the same place she’d previously bought a brilliant and typical family pony sort many years before.

Originally we’d been hoping to use one of two fields that a local farmer had offered for the shoots, a field rich in the stunning blue linseed or a small crop of sunflowers he was growing in a little area close to woodland that he’d set aside for conservation and wildlife purposes.  Sadly the weather has been so wet and windy of late that it’s really added to our problems with timings of a linseed shoot (if you recall, this crop only flowers for a few hours each day and in the morning) and it was looking a little worse for wear thanks to the exploits of Mother Nature.   The sunflowers are also still a few weeks off flowering however the conservation area is so rich in glorious long grasses and wild flowers that we still wanted to feature this area if we could during this lovely summers evening.

One of the downsides of an evening summer equine photo shoot, particularly near woodland or flowers is the number of insects you’ll encounter.  Some times it really doesn’t matter how much fly repellent you use, the determined pests are our to get you.  Oh boy did we find horse flies and sadly they felt dear Murphy was as tasty as he looked. He did his best to act with good grace and at points I’m sure all he wanted to do was march back to his stable and get some relief!


Chloe chatted about the differences between her old boy and the younger Finn, how their characters differ and how they’d each cope with the same situation.  Murphy is a little more sensitive and needs to have clear instructions where as Finn will assess for himself at times.  However Murphy is probably the more reliable with odd or new situations – I think we’ll describe walking through wild flowers standing more than a metre high and over mounds of rambling weeds to stand in the middle of things that tickled his belly as a particular odd situation…!

Once we left the flies behind and Chloe got on board to head into the wheat fields, Murphy really relaxed and became a very happy chap once more.  I think we were all relieved to leave the flies behind, some were so large they were clearly visible buzzing around in the background of shots… ugh!

And so our time concluded in the orchard that these 2 fabulous horses so spend their days in.  The sun was setting rapidly but provided some lovely final light for Chloe and Murphy to share.  I’ve really enjoyed my time with Chloe and her family over these two sessions.  Chloe was utterly fantastic on both days and was incredible proactive before our two shoots in setting up our potential locations and monitoring their progress.  When the weather postponed both of our sessions on many occasions it never seemed to bother or deter her and I thank her for her enthusiasm and fabulously presented horses.



So. Much. Fun.


Have a fabulous week!

Rachel x



If you’d like your own equine photo shoot, then please do contact me here to chat about your options more…







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