HELLO Spring!

Well, I’m not sure quite how Storm Doris had an effect on your lives recently, hopefully nothing too awful, but one positive thing seems to be the arrival of tree blossom, well, at least around here. One minute it was bare and grim and the next there’s the fabulous these little signs that it’s all about to change.

We are approaching the fabulous world of green and happy landscapes. The daffodils have been bouncing and nodding their heads for a fair few weeks now near me, the snowdrops are also through (Surely that’s round the wrong way, Snowdrops before Daffs?), the days are slowly drawing out and the hedgerows are springing into life. This weekend I really noticed the beautiful return of white and pink blossoms on my drive through Somerset, have they started to appear near you too? I hope so!

Spring flowers & new buds make the most wonderful backdrop to images, firm favourites like crocuses, tulips and later on, of course, the drama that a carpet of bluebells can deliver. I think it’s quite possibly the most eagerly anticipated time of year as everyone is looking forward to what it could bring.

It’s a time to start getting the rugs off for some light or sun onto the backs of naked ponies, no more icy water pipes for your fingers to stick too and the sight of newborn animals everywhere.

It’s the perfect time to get your equine shoot booked with me before this fresh and clean new season makes way for the hectic world that comes with summer.

I have a little bit of weekend availability during March, but not much so act now to guarantee your spot. Weekdays are more readily available for this month and offer great value as they cost you a little less than a weekend option.

Group yard deals can be accommodated too – if there are a few of you at your yard that would each love a mini shoot, get together and we can plan it and help reduce your costs too.

So, if Spring is your HELLO to the world, then get in touch today.

Have a fabulous week.

Rachel x

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