New Home, New Views…

//New Home, New Views…

After a number of years of moving frequently due to the military career of my husband, we both decided enough was enough and wanted to put down roots as best we could at this stage of our lives.

We’ve had quite a few moves since we first got together which continued with married life, in all a total of 5 moves in 7 years. Our Spaniel has been with us for 6.5 years of that time and probably couldn’t work out if he’d return home to the same house after a walk! During this time I’d become quite the expert at packing/unpacking/de-cluttering and learning the various military and civilian processes to do all the above, but houses were starting to blend into one another somewhat and whilst we always completely appreciated the opportunities that living in military ‘Quarters’ presented us, we both felt at times that our lives were often led by a clipboard, a variety of checks and quite a lot of red tape that left us feeling a little like school kids and not adults capable of working things out for ourselves (whatever you do, DON’T change that light bulb Mrs Bragg, we’ll send someone over….!)

Once we’d worked out the money aspect to a move, we then set about the romantic part of moving…. Joy of Joys where should we go?!?

We don’t have children, bar that ridiculous spaniel, so that aspect made our decision infinitely easier. We just tried to use a crystal ball to establish possible new military postings for Mr B over the next 5-10 years (any military partner will know that ‘predicting postings’ doesn’t really exist in all honesty, however much you plan, discuss or nurture a career at times. So we then focused a little more on my career and where I might like to stick down roots and build my business as basically Mr B would be commuting home on a Friday for the weekends (when he was actually in the Country…..) and so our first purchased marital home would be a table for 1 for the vast majority of the time.

I’ve always been a rural/countryside girl at heart and being an equine photographer means countryside needs to feature fairly heftily. I wanted good road links but then I also didn’t want to lose too much of the convenience of having amenities close by.

I’m not going to lie, we stuck a pin in map.
It hit Yeovil.

“We knew nothing about Portsmouth, Faringdon, Plymouth or any of the others either before we lived there” – I said.

Long story short, we found a house that suited our needs and budget and here we are today. I’ve been sorting non-magnolia paint to the walls ever since, or so it feels. The kitchen is currently sporting a patchwork of tester paints as indecision strikes. Sometimes having a choice is just too much when you’ve never had one before!

Yeovil, actually, is really quite nice and is a fabulous blend of all things. The locals have been quite surprised at how much we’ve said we like being here, but having lived in many towns in many counties across this land I can honestly say that most towns have their less than desirable areas and you can never pick your neighbours however much you spend and once you close the door on outside life it sort of doesn’t really matter anyway. I always find that those who are frequently the most negative about an area have never lived elsewhere or have forgotten that there are roads out as well as in…

Moving in the middle of winter has its upsides. For me, it’s enabled me to start re-building the business at a time of year that is naturally quieter for me, with both my freelance work and my own direct clients. I don’t feel like I’m wasting time at a point in the year I should be ‘out there’, on the other hand, I’m so full of enthusiasm and raring to go I’m almost willing the year away too!

The freelance calendar has been fully booked now since the end of last year, client bookings are looking healthy at this point of the year and I really can’t wait to seriously get to know Somerset & Dorset and the rest of the area much MUCH more!

Have a fabulous week!

Rachel x


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