Tried & Tested – MacWet Gloves

//Tried & Tested – MacWet Gloves

A few years ago I was kindly sent a pair of MacWet Climatec Short Cuff gloves to test within my capacity as an equine photographer.

I raved about them then and after nearly 3 years of using these gloves on a very regular basis my opinion of them hasn’t changed at all, if anything, it’s grown…

The first thing to say is that things that just don’t really ‘cut it’ for me are often put to one side, or used but without too much worry and items the size of gloves are often lost.

My MacWets are always in my kit bag, in fact I have two pairs as I’ve subsequently invested in a pair of the Micromesh versions for using on days when wind and rain aren’t so much of a feature. If I can’t find one when I’m on location then I stop EVERYTHING until I’ve located it – I’m not leaving these behind anywhere.


I’ve got diddy hands, which is little bit of a problem for me as a photographer as my finger reach isn’t that long to the buttons, but it also means finding a pair of decent performance gloves over the years has been tough. I really don’t want a pair of gloves where I’ve got lots of extra room at the end of my finger, I need them to feel like a second skin so there’s no compromise to what I’m doing. MacWet has a great size range, including my own perfect fit. and there’s a simple guide on how to size your hands for the right pair.

They are still comfortable, warm and the grip is as good today as it was when I first opened the packet. I’ve washed them (probably incorrectly) a large number of times and the performance doesn’t change.

Watch the MacWet gloves video here:

I just can’t believe they are as old as they are, any other glove by now would be showing some serious signs of abuse. Whatever your sport, or need for performance gloves may be, I thoroughly recommend MacWets to all.

For the whole range head to: MacWet

Have a fabulous week!

Rachel x

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