Catherine & Skye

//Catherine & Skye

When a young Spanish mare called Sky entered Catherine’s life a few years ago she knew she had a steep learning curve to contend with ahead of her.

Why? Well, it wasn’t just that Sky was a recently backed 4-year-old or that it had been some time since Catherine had owned such a young & raw horse, it was more to do with her breed. Sky is a fabulous bay Lusitano and Spanish horses are known for being late maturers in life, often not really getting their baby feet sorted until the age of around 6 and so Catherine knew she had at least another couple of years of solid and consistent education to really get the basics instilled into her mare. Couple that with the fact that this was Catherine’s first direct & hands-on experience with a Lusitano….

Mad? Possibly?
Does she regret this decision – not in the slightest!

Catherine, who has brought on young horses before, said “During the time Sky has been home with me she’s already come on leaps and bounds. She’s naturally a sponge and has a high desire to learn right now, so together we’ve made some really great steps forward with both of our education. She’s also had the benefit of settling into a routine with my old semi-retired dressage horse Roscoe and that’s been really helpful at this stage”.

I can tell you that Roscoe is a magnificent chestnut gelding who dotes on his mum…



Spanish horses are in the increase in the UK thanks in part to their biddable nature and ability in dressage, and this too is at the heart of Catherine’s aims with Sky with a long-term goal to get to the Iberian Dressage Masters.

Catherine chatted quietly to Sky as she worked her in hand during our photo shoot which really helped the little mare to relax and it was a delight to see how Catherine’s calming influence gave Sky the confidence to then do what was asked of her for the shoot.

I’m looking forward to hearing about their progress in the coming years and hopefully I’ll get to photograph Sky again as a fully matured dressage star!


Have a fabulous week!

Rachel x


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