I’m often asked as a both a business owner and a photographer why I chose the name I did for my business and why, unlike many in my industry,  I decided to not run solely with my name as the company name.



It’s a really good question!

When I started on my path as an equine photographer I really wanted to have something relatable as a business name.  Well, surely my own name is relatable, isn’t it?  Well, yep it certainly is.  However when I first set out I was on the cusp of being married and so I didn’t want to get into the ‘which name to adopt’ at this stage.  Did I run with my maiden name, which was actually different enough to be memorable but probably likely to cause spelling issues and therefore search engine issues only then to marry.  Or should I have gone straight with my married name, but I was a bit superstitious on that front too!  So I decided the ‘safe’ bet was to work on a name that was independent of my name.

So name ‘direction’ made, but what on earth to call it…?

Actually this wasn’t that difficult initially.  I wanted it to reflect part of me and my life to that point.  My life had been full of great horses and ponies but I’d been blessed with 2 very special mares during my adult life.  One, a chestnut show jumper called Sweet Enough II came to me as a 3 year old, but sadly I had to make the financial decision to sell her at the age of 6 in order to purchase a house.  However I stayed in contact with her new owners who, a few years later, went on to breed from her.  I had the first born foal from the mare and was able to name her too from a stud and passport aspect (excluding her pre-existing prefix).  She was the piebald filly Puzzles Sweet Sensation who later went on to provide me with so much happiness and success in the show ring before her untimely death at the age of 5.


It was clear to me I should use the word Sweet somewhere in my business if I could.

Having fiddled for a few hours with doodling possible names for the company I just went with the really simple approach of Sweet-Images Photography.  I did have to add the hyphen at the point of gaining a website domain but the name was born.  Sometimes trying to be clever doesn’t always work and keeping things simple makes more sense.  Well it does to me anyway!

After a couple of years the branding went through an overhaul as I wanted a much softer look to my logo and colour schemes.  At this point I decided to introduce my own name to the overall equation, to add a slightly more personal aspect, but its used as a subheading really as it’s still very much Sweet-Images Photography.

So thats the story of how I chose my business name.

How did you name your business, or if you had a business what would you call yours?


Have a fabulous week!

Rachel x