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A happy horse = happy pictures

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Today's few words of wisdom are based on how to get the best out of your horse on his equine photo shoot.  How to put him in the best frame of mind so you can work with each other to create those images you always dreamed of. So where to begin? Well a happy horse is a [...]

Framing your images…

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You are looking at the most amazing photograph of your horse and you know that it deserves, for once, to be on the wall. What to do next though? Where to even begin with this and then why on earth should you bother I hear you say – because who’ll actually see it other than you [...]

Tales from the Show Lines

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Where Gingernuts, Jaffa Cakes & Marmalade on Toast are just some of the favourite treats for some show horses! I've just completed my first ever trip to the Royal Bath & West show and it's was a great event. I'd go so far as to say that despite the heat encountered over the 3 days I [...]

When photographs really do mean the world…

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Never say you'll do it tomorrow… for sometimes tomorrow never comes…   A recent shoot very poignantly reminded me of just why I chose to make equine portraits such an important part of my life today. So I've decided it really is time that you got to know a bit more about me, the person behind [...]

How to Choose Your Equine Photographer

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You've decided to invest in some photographs of you and your equine best friend. I bet you’ve seen a great photo or photos somewhere, have started to look on the internet at photographers and discovered that there are plenty of options to go with. So how do you decide which photographer is right for you? I’ve [...]

Shooting the drama, just for the record

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There are times as a photographer when you are obliged to shoot the whole story, and not just the bits you want to show or reflect. Now let me start by quantifying that statement a little. I'm not talking about the press style, chase your round the countryside to create a story or entice you to [...]

No Foot, No Horse!

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mat Meek, a farrier covering parts of East Somerset, whilst out on his rounds. I was looking for someone in the equestrian industry to follow for a few hours/day in order to really capture what their role in this ever growing leisure industry is and the impact their role [...]

Why am I an equine photographer?

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Many moons ago I was at a major sports & lifestyle trade event in my role with a global brand I was working for.  This was well before I was a photographer but I actually happened to be listening to a commercial product photographer discussing his business with the CEO of a major UK based sports [...]

Tried & Tested – MacWet Gloves

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A few years ago I was kindly sent a pair of MacWet Climatec Short Cuff gloves to test within my capacity as an equine photographer. I raved about them then and after nearly 3 years of using these gloves on a very regular basis my opinion of them hasn’t changed at all, if anything, it’s grown… [...]

What’s in ‘my’ name?

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I'm often asked as a both a business owner and a photographer why I chose the name I did for my business and why, unlike many in my industry,  I decided to not run solely with my name as the company name.   It's a really good question! When I started on my path as [...]